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KB is affiliated to the State Board of Secondary Education, registered & recognized by the State Govt. of A.P. KB also acquired ISO 9001-2000 Certification and developed a scientific system to provide broad-based teaching for all the subject groups. With the above certification, KB gives the target to each and every student to achieve his/her lifetime goal.

At the primary and secondary stage, the school has evolved a creative learning environment which expands the scope of learning and goes beyond just the textbook. The teaching sessions are interactive and the continuous Assessment Programme ensures that the evaluation of the child is both comprehensive and holistic. Our students are encouraged to set their own targets and work towards achieving them, thus improving their own standards.

The KB creative learning environment was made after surveying several experienced teachers, specialists in child education who had identified several skills and concepts which they found highly desirable or essential to school education are like:

  • Visual observation skills.

  • Listening & concentration skills.

  • Early Learning & Reading skills.

  • Early Motivation skills.

  • Early manipulation skills.

  • Self-help skills.

  • Communication skills.

  • Social & emotional skills.

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