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Practical – Oriented teaching is the basis of the academic methodology at KB. Learning is fostered by an
approach to draw a link with real life and to provide practical experience. The focus of learning outcomes
is to promote understanding of concepts and is skill-based.

An implication of audio-visual techniques, computer-aided learning, visual aids, charts, models, games, roleplays, theatre, art, LCD’s, OHP’S, worksheets etc, to stimulate the learning process and make it more enjoyable. The curriculum is imparted using lateral thinking strategies, where the child discovers the joy of learning and realizes his/her own potential. 


The library room called ‘Knowledge Centre’ houses a large number of reference books, encyclopaedias, discovery, scientific, comic books etc. A lot of journals & newspapers are available for day to day reference by the student. Audio & Video collection related to the subject & general information is used for classroom purposes. The Reading Development Programme (RDP) and Writing Development Programme (WDP) incorporates readiness to read, fluency enhancement and vocabulary building. Students are encouraged to make use of the library for projects and reference work


The Academic Block houses well-ventilated classrooms with A/V systems that ensure comfortable study conditions as well as the flexibility of arrangement. Each student receives a cupboard to store books & stationery.


The school has a well-equipped Science laboratory to conduct practical experiments and activities. It is well ventilated and spacious to meet the requirements for Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences. The lab thus supports the practical oriented approach here at KB and makes learning more significant and stimulating.


KB has a House System to inculcate the qualities of discipline, team building, leadership, and healthy competition. There are four houses. Inter-house events are conducted to develop a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork

STUDENT COUNCIL: The Head Boy, the Head Girl, and the House Captains are chosen from the senior most class every year. The student leaders keep up the KBian spirit and are appointed through a formal investiture ceremony. They are expected to discharge their duties keeping in mind that they are models and exemplars of the KB philosophy.


KB follows a policy of self-discipline and positive reinforcement that helps to raise the self-awareness of the child’s own rights and corresponding responsibilities. Corporal punishment is strictly forbidden. The school places lot of importance on the values of respect, courtesy co-operation, and consideration in tune with our overall philosophy. The school also takes a serious view on bullying and any kind of physical mistreatment. Damage of school property, violations on dress code and rules as outlined by the school are not accepted. Discipline is necessary to inculcate a positive personality and healthy attitudes towards interactions between peers, students of the opposite gender as well as teachers and adults. The school seeks the active support and co-operation of the parents in maintaining the high disciplinary standards that will ultimately benefit the child.


KB has developed a system of activity based project work, that would be given to the children during term holidays to use up the time sensibly and to enhance their academic standards. The project work thus planned involves parents to make them feel enthusiastic with their children during term holidays. It helps the KB student to understand the importance of their participation in society and uplift their social & emotional skills.

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