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Parents seeking admission for their wards may obtain the prospectus and application form against a payment of Rs.200. The school accepts application forms for admissions up to the end of May each year. Application forms received on or after 1st June will attract additional caution deposit as outlined in the fee structure enclosed. Admissions are granted subject to the availability of seats and solely at the discretion of the school authorities. Applications will be put on a waiting list if there are no vacancies. Mere submission of the application form should not be construed as granting of admission.

The prospective parents/guardians are advised to visit the KB School of Excellence Campus before taking any decision about applying for their wards. The step by step procedure for admitting a child into KB is :

  1. Submit a fully filled Application Form at the school campus office.

  2. After scrutiny of the application form, the school will fix an interview with the child and the parent on a mutually convenient date. The child will also be required to undergo a written test to ascertain his/her level of proficiency and acceptability at KB School of Excellence.

  3. After a successful test and interview the school will send a Provisional Letter of Admission (PLA), seeking fulfillment of financial and other formalities. In case the parent does not fulfill the formalities and make the payment within the time allowed in the PLA, the admission will not be confirmed.

  4. Once the payment is complied with as laid out in the PLA, the school will send a Confirmation Letter for Admission by allotting a Roll Number to the student.

  5. At the time of reporting to the school for the first time, parents are required to carry the Confirmation Letter for Admission with them.

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